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We can't tell you how many times we're asked how we came up with the idea of an ice cream truck, but we can tell you how we did come up with the idea. Many of our dinner table conversations revolve around different ideas. One idea that continued to be a part of these conversations was the idea of an ice cream shop or something similar. It wasn't until we found the P10 in June 2014 that the idea of the truck really evolved. Over the next year, we researched, we worked, we built - all to make The Parlor a reality. In May 2015 we began operations and are continuing to build The Parlor's story. 




Here we are: Joe and Ashley Fowler. We live in Cambridge, MN and love being a part of our community. When we're not working in The Parlor, we enjoy spending time outdoors with our kiddos whether it's snowboarding in the winter or camping in the spring and fall. 




Georgia has been with The Parlor since the very beginning spending countless days sprawled next to the truck during construction or laying on the floor of the office while the website was created (typically barking, of course). 

The Parlor



The Parlor wouldn't be what it is without the truck. Simple and vintage, it's straight out of 1974 and has even won car show trophies including a pipe-rapping contest. 

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